Read Up On It for April 11th, 2014

Read Up On It is back with stories about everything from kosher food to abalone. This is Read Up On It!

First things first:  Huy Fong Foods’ plant in Irwindale, California, has been deemed a public nuisance by the city council. Eater has more information on how this came to be, as does Vox.

  •  George Washington apparently loved his hooch. Hooch in the form of peach brandy, a booze which is being made once again, and bearing his name. (Via Modern Farmer)
  •  Speaking of all things boozy, ever hear of Malort? This bracing liqueur is a big deal in Chicago, and someone has crafted a love letter to it in the form of a documentary. (via Vimeo)
  •  Esquire examines how we, the food loving public, have created a monster in the kitchen with our adoration of those who run the line. Egotarian cuisine, anyone?
  •  Manischewitz, makers of matzo and all sorts of kosher foods, has been sold. (via LA Times)