Read Up On It For April 25th, 2014

Ca Phe Sua

J’aime ta couleur Ca Phe Sua…

  • Vietnam is a huge producer of coffee beans, mostly robusta – Ca Phe Sua, anyone? – which is often viewed as an inferior bean. But the country may soon have another buzzworthy industry on its hands, this time a bit more artisanal: chocolate. (via NPR)
  • In mandarin, it’s known as ma la: that tingling sensation you get from eating sichuan peppercorns. NPR interviews a scientist who looks into what happens in our nervous system when we taste that delicious and numbing flavour.
  • The NYT reports on two things which may seem incongruous: dairy and booze, in the guise of a milk punch. An excerpt:

“These drinks are not creamy, like the brandy or bourbon milk punches common in New Orleans; they are clarified elixirs. Cold ingredients are combined with hot milk so that the milk curdles; the blend is filtered repeatedly until the liquid becomes clear. This can take hours. Then, typically, the punch rests for a day or so until served. If you don’t have the time, you don’t have this punch.”