All the Goss: July 7

With the recent sale of Highland Drive Storehouse to the Getaway Farm dudes, this seemed like a good time to go over some new joints in Halifax. There has been a lot of action. So it seemed like a good opportunity to unleash a new section on Passable: GOSSIP. I love gossip, you guys!!! Let me tell you this great story I heard about Renée Lavallée… just after the cut… You’ll NEVER BELIEVE IT……

…..apparently Renée has gotten a reputation for being feisty. Also, a reputation for being an awesome chef. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

LOL J/K J/K J/K. This is not gossip about people. That is terrible, you Nosy Nellie, you Richard Pry-or, you.. This is gossip about businesses! So here’s the real deal:


First of all, brace yourself, ok. Deep breaths. Sit down if you aren’t already. And, just know, it’s going to be ok. Last week Korea Garden, The Dill Pickle, and the beautifully straight-to-the-point named Chinese Food all vacated their spaces in Scotia Square to make way for the ongoing renovations in the food court. Apparently the Subway is already open where Ray’s used to be. I have cried an ocean of tears over my beloved Korea Garden already, but they are set to re-open in September. If, for some reason, they don’t, I will, of course, be using all of my dark magicks and blood vengeance devil powers on Crombie REIT.

Chops Meat Market opened in Burnside. Yes, that’s right: a grocery store in Burnside! Seems risky, but also seems great! I like it. I can’t wait to check it out. It’s in the old Scotsburn Dairy location on Wright Avenue. I’m excited to see what happens with that.

Also in Burnside: RAY’S!!!! Up yours, Scotia Square! Sit on it! Suck an egg! Suck a lemon, too! RAYS 4EVER! It’s on Akerley. Go get yer falafel on, Burnside workers!

Boom Burger, the incredibly detailed rip-off of Five Guys that originated in Prince Edward Island, just opened in Bedford. In case you don’t know, Five Guys is amazing. So this is good news, even though we reached Peak Burger, like, a year ago. There’s another burger place, Krave, opening in Halifax sometime soon, too. Then, I think, we’re done with burgers. Right?

I Love Pho in Bedford is finally open, too! Early reviews say NOM NOM NOM.

Baba Ghanouj opened on Barrington Street in the old Mugs Etc. location, which I’m guessing closed because people thought it was a mug store. (Or was it a mug store? I dunno, you guys. I’m sorry. Maybe it was an Etc. store.)

A Chinese food restaurant named East Foodies – sorry, guys, but that’s no “Chinese Food” when it comes to great names – just opened in Sackville.

A new restaurant called Mirchi Tandoor opened on Blowers Street. Traditional Indian food. Who doesn’t like traditional Indian food? Idiots, that’s who. So this should be great.

Fiasco got new owners in May. Morné Van Antwerp and Sue Ann Lambert took over the place and launched a new menu in early May. Also, they seem nice, which is an important fact. Good luck to them! I hope all goes well.

Pipa closed their doors and re-opened them soon after under the name The Brown Hound, which sounds like some kind of playground noogie/swirlie/raspberry type situation if you ask me. I hope the food’s good, though. I sure did like Pipa.

The Bicycle Thief opened a champagne bar outside. Too bad about that view, though. It’s maybe just a little too nice, amiright?

The Middle Spoon is following Morris East’s lead and opening a second location in Bedford. They will be in the Sunnyside Mall. I can only hope that the basement of the Sunnyside Mall will soon be a speakeasy style bar.

Japanese Paradise closed. Noooooooo! Oh, apparently they moved in with B-Well Sushi up on Quinpool. Yesssssss!

The doomed restaurant space at the corner of Granville & Salter that, let’s be honest, must be built atop an unmarked mass grave full of maitre d’s or dishwashers – a ghoulish haunting by foodservice professionals is the only explanation for the failure of so many restaurants in one centrally located, nicely outfitted space – has a new tenant: Sushi Jet. God speed, you guys.

Sweet Jane’s is moving to Queen and Morris, into the old SuperVideo location (and whatever was in there after SuperVideo… sorry, entrepreneur! I never went in! It was surfing, maybe? Definitely something that had 0% relevance to my life.) Look for me reading magazines while shoveling candy into my mouth at Atlantic News soon after this change happens.

Also moving: Talay Thai. They are going from Barrington Street to Hollis Street.

Ratinaud Charcuterie is putting on Les saucisses en folie again this year — sausage mania. It’s on August 20 & 21 and costs $65. Vegan friendly!! HAHAHA NO IT ISN’T.

BUT! Fear not, ye vegans! EnVie and Fruition are putting on Halifax Vegfest in September at the Olympic Community Centre. Hooray!!

Scanway is opening their catering joint/bakery next to the Stubborn Goat on Grafton. I’m hoping it’s just a giant room full of nothing but sale-priced Florentines, but that’s probably not going to happen. IF ONLY WISHES WERE FLORENTINES, YOU GUYS.

Tarboosh on Fenwick is gone, because the world is vampire. Something called The Tipsy Chopstick is going in its place because the world giveth when it taketh away. Like a vampire that makes another vampire.

Layla Seafood and Mediterranean Cuisine opened in that same strip mall as Nine + 9 and Tako Sushi on Parkland Drive in Clayton Park. So I’m guessing they are amazing since there is white magic in that strip mall.

The Canteen has been offering take-home family dinners on a lot of nights, which is a nice meeting point of the restaurant and TIBS Family Dinners. The prices are rad, too. Whole chicken dinners for $25!!

Field Guide launched their newest drink menu at the end of last week, and some of those li’l babies sound super refreshing. The Russian Picnic features vodka, dill syrup, cantaloupe, and lemon. Oooooooo.

An event called Diner en Blanc is happening in August. 1999 Puff Daddy is pretty excited about it. Or was he P. Diddy in 1999? Anyway, that guy loved a White Party. This sounds like a cute event. Sadly, I do not have any elegant white clothing. I’ll be over here waiting for a Diner en Vieux Vêtements.

A trio of local wines won the inaugural Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines: Blomidon Estate Winery‘s Cuvée L’Acadie, 2010; Avondale Sky Winery‘s Martock, 2012; and Domaine de Grand Pré‘s Riesling, 2013. Good work, you guys! Cheers!

Oh yeah! And there’s another Indochine Banh Mi on Barrington now and I love it and it makes me happy, but they are always out of pork belly by the time I get there and they never offer pâté and I always forget, because I assume nobody has pâté for their banh mi here, and what’s a gal gotta do to get some damn pâté?

Hopefully we’ll have more gossip for you more often. Feel free to send any tips to passableblog(at)gmail(dot)com.