All the Goss: July 9

In our commitment to casually lean against every grapevine we stumble upon and then print all the goss that’s fit to ip, we have a little follow-up to our first batch of babble and gabble. That was quick, huh?


First things first: in important summer news, Dartmouth’s most adorable little candy store, Sugar Shok, is now serving scoops of ice cream! Yay! And, if you’re industrious enough, you could probably buy some candy and put it ON that scoop of ice cream. Chocolate-covered-gummi-bear-ice-cream, here I come!

The World Tea House and The Canteen now have Lemondogs lemonade in wee bottles! Also, did you know that you can get bottles of their tasty bevvies delivered for free? I’ve seen it with my own eyes!!! #miracles

The Carrot is almost here! The community grocery store will be opening at 2063 Gottingen Street sometime in late August.

Rumour has it that the Celtic Corner empire is expanding, taking over the old La Perla location next door. Whether it will be a family restaurant, a fancy restaurant, a fancy family restaurant(!?) or just a Celtic Next Door-ner is a mystery. I looooove a good mystery! Just don’t murder anybody, Celtic Corner. I don’t like that kind of mystery. 😦

You can call Nomad Gourmet “Nooooooooooo!!! I’m Mad!!! Gourmet” while you shake your fists at the heavens for the rest of the summer as it’s off is off the road until September so Nick Horne can go on vacation. I can’t believe that guy loves his family more than he loves us. Whatta jerk.

A new Chinese joint called Hum’s Kitchen is opening in Woodside. It’s apparently going to be #TBT every day forever and ever and ever, amen,  if you were a House of Hum fan, as it’s somehow related to that ol’ place. They’re on Twitter so you can follow their process as they prepare to open.

I heard a rumour, Bananarama style, that the Devour festival apparently has some super rad chefs coming, but they are all big secrets. Remember when I said I love a mystery? WELL I HATE SECRETS. TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!

Just outside of Halifax, Chef Martin Ruiz Salvador and his wife, Sylvie, the amazing couple behind the ridiculously great Fleur de Sel and Salt Shaker Deli, have opened The South Shore Fish Shack in Lunenburg. I bet it’s great. Probably ridiculously great. Who wants to go??

Also in Lunenburg, Paolo Colbertaldo opened Lincoln Street Food. Colbertaldo used to run the kitchen at Jane’s on the Common, so, uh, let’s go to Lunenburg already.

Oh, and Jeffrey MacNeil, who used to be the chef at Luckett Vineyards, opened Rime in Lunenburg with Mark and Karen Gabrieau. Lunenburg is killing it, you guys! Step it up, Halifax. Also, where is my ride to Lunenburg, already?

Also, there are tons of community dinners happening around the province and I’m obsessed with reading about them on Kijiji. BBQ chicken and strawberry shortcake? See you soon, Timberlea! I bet there’s one in Lunenburg, too.

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*** revised: I mistakenly posted that Pita Paradise is  closed!! It’s NOT! It just looked a little too boarded up for its own good one day at lunch time. They are still open for business and serving up daily fare up there on Portland Street. This is the peril of gossip, you guys. You never know! My bad!  😦