All the Goss: August 7

Gossip Time!!!


I guess Guy Fieri was busy, because Devour: The Food Film Fest has had to settle for his BFF, boring ol’ Anthony “I Wear My Sunglasses On the Front of My Face Like a Boring Non-Guy-Fieri Person” Bourdain, as a special guest this November. I guess Wolfville will never get to be renamed Flavourtown now. THANKS, BOURDAIN. Anyway, I hope he refuses to eat anything that isn’t served to him on one of those awful little ceramic spoons they use on The Taste. I also hope he glares at something.

Wingdings is closed. A new chicken wing restaurant will be popping up in its place, and unfortunately it is not called Wingdings2 or Wingdings3 or Dingbats or even Zapf. Way to go, marketing geniuses. Instead this place will be called Wing N It. Which, let’s be honest, is Blow N It. Who is going to delight typeface designers now?!

Afishionado Fishmongers will be opening at Local Source later this summer, and then, I’m assuming lording their name over every other fish store in Nova Scotia for the rest of their lives. They should call up that wing restaurant and give them some help. Because that is a great name. Whoever came up with that is Nail N It.

With the closure of Crumbs causing food industry types to immediately sandblast the year 2014 in the year-of-death space on the tombstone marked CUPCAKES, it should come as no surprise that the Dresden Row location of Susie’s Shortbreads has closed. But just hold on a minute before you throw yourself into any open graves while screaming “take me with you, buttercreammmm!” — the Bayer’s Lake and Purdy’s Wharf locations are still open. So don’t look so smug, cronuts. You haven’t won yet.

Not content with Boom Burger darkening our doorsteps, those wily Islanders are sending Gahan House this-a-way, too. Our pal Halifax ReTales suspected it would be in the old Hart & Thistle location, and it is. Meanwhile, I suspect Celebrity Chef Michael Smith, long-time Northern Exposure cosplayer and Crown Prince of Prince Edward Island, is playing some sort of game of Risk with Atlantic Canadian chefs and is shoring up his occupation of Bedford with troops on the peninsula. I can only hope that Celebrity Chef Craig Flinn will roll the dice, gain some territory near Stanley Bridge or New London, and DESTROY HIM.

Picnic Halifax, a roving pop-up business, launched. Dinners will be on Thursdays, and Picnic will change menus and locations every six weeks. If Dr. Richard Kimble hadn’t found that one-armed man, I bet he would have totally stolen this business idea.

Certainly Cinnamon‘s secret is out: they are expanding their catering business. The Coast found out all the biz. The only thing that matters to me is that ain’t nothin’ gonna get in the way of my cinnamon rolls. The cafe is business as usual.

The Seahorse will be moving out of its historic location because—I’m not sure if any of you know this—the developers in Halifax are actually a team of producers who are remaking 28 Days Later and want to make this production run as smoothly as possible so are doing their best to ensure that downtown Halifax is TOTALLY FUCKING EMPTY. Jesus. Anyway, the part of Jim, originated by Cillian Murphy, will be played by one of Bubbles’ cats from Trailer Park Boys. It should be great!

Edited to add:

My condolences to fans of club sandwiches, as the Midday Bistro in downtown Dartmouth is under new ownership now, and no longer trades in pork products. So that’s the end of the line for you, bacon. To make up for this loss, the menu is going to be featuring more Middle Eastern specialties, like the stuffed grape leaves that have been added to the display case. This is a classic case of Boo/Yay. I’m gonna miss those sausages, though.

And it’s good news for fans of Steve’s Hotdogs, the work-a-day, classic hot dog cart that used to be at Piercy’s on Robie Street. While the dummies at RONA didn’t keep him around because they hate greatness, Steve’s will now be just up the road in a space behind the Forum.