Everyone who writes for Passable is an interested, experienced and curious amateur gastronome. Some of us write about food for money, some don’t, but we all spend a lot of time and money eating out, cooking and buying food in Halifax and around the Maritimes. Probably more than most. Our collective food journal aims to treat our local food — the practice of growing it, cooking it and buying it — honestly.

Our general principles are:

  • Eat widely, be it high or low cuisine
  • Cover the vicissitudes of bars and restaurants in Halifax
  • Keep an eagle eye out for quality
  • Pay attention to food from field to table
  • Be mindful of value
  • Live in the hope of great meals
  • If you can do it better at home, do it. Just tell us about it.

You can contact us at Passableblog@gmail.com.

Our writers include Andy Murdoch (founder ofPassable), Melissa Buote (food critic for The Coast), Simon Thibault (food writer, blogger,Eastsidekp (representing Dartmouth and more) and last but not least Rachelle Goguen (talking about Bedford and the oft-forgot).